FIFTY FIFTY Takes Swift Action Following Major Legal Setback

It’s not over yet.

FIFTY FIFTY‘s legal dispute has not ended.

FIFTY FIFTY | Korea JoongAng Daily

On August 30, FIFTY FIFTY’s lawyers, Barun Law, revealed they are appealing a judge’s decision to dismiss their request to terminate the group’s contract with ATTRAKT.

We have decided to immediately appeal the judge’s decision to dismiss the injunction. We will soon send an immediate appeal.

— Barun Law

The lawyers then revealed reasons given to them for the judge’s decision to dismiss their injunction.

The court in charge wrote that it felt it was necessary to hear out the main lawsuit, including the music revenue distribution, and how the advanced payments the label received were used for FIFTY FIFTY, and the debtors related.

— Barun Law

Barun Law then stated that alongside their appeal, the members would like for the main hearing to begin quickly.

Previously, the group received a major setback when a judge dismissed their request for an injunction to end the contract.

FIFTY FIFTY Loses Legal Battle Against ATTRAKT

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Source: ilgan sports