FIFTY FIFTY’s Company Denies Plagiarism Allegations For “Cupid”

They contacted the original producer.

Girl group FIFTY FIFTY was recently accused of plagiarism when a Turkish Singer Evrencan Gündüz uploaded an Instagram reel in which he played FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid.” The reel starts out playing the K-Pop song before transitioning to the singer’s own song, “Sen Aşkımızdan,” which he released in 2017.

In response to the accusations, FIFTY FIFTY’s company ATTRAKT has been trying to contact the original producer of the track. On May 4, 2023, they finally managed to talk to the producer and stated to Korean media outlet CBS NoCutNews that the allegations were untrue.

The results of our checking with the original producer after the recent media mention of plagiarism suspicious for FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid,” is that the original producer does not even know of the Turkish song in question, and although there are similarities in terms of characteristics of pop music, we do not think that it is plagiarism. We are thankful for the media’s interest in FIFTY FIFTY. We ask for your understanding of the delay in response due to the time difference and we hope that any further speculation or gossip will be refrained from.


With that, hopefully, all allegations will be put to bed. Take a listen to “Cupid” below to show your support for the girls.


Source: No Cut News
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