Korean Netizens React To “Cupid” Producer’s “Final Warning”

“FiNaL WaRnInG~.”

Korean netizens reacted to The Givers‘ “Final warning” to ATTRAKT.


On July 5, FIFTY FIFTY‘s “Cupid” producer Ahn Sung Il-led production company The Givers released a statement.

FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” Producer Gives ATTRAKT “Final Warning” In Fiery Statement

In its statement, the company rebukes several allegations made by ATTRAKT, mainly regarding ATTRAKTs assertions that Ahn Sung Il had wrongfully and illegally obtained the copyrights to “Cupid.”

During the process of transferring project tasks, The Givers engaged in obstruction of business, fraud, and breach of trust, including deleting project-related data, delaying in taking over tasks and deleting company’s mail accounts, etc. During the purchase of the song ‘Cupid’ from a foreign composer, ‘The Givers’ didn’t provide any information to ATTRAKT about the purchase of the copyrights, and [the CEO] and [his] company bought the copyright secretly.


Previously, ATTRAKT had alleged that they had paid $9000 to Ahn Sung Il for the purchase of the song’s rights, only to later realize that the producer had used the money to purchase the song’s copyrights for himself. The Givers, however, maintained that the funds were used to purchase neighboring rights, which is different from copyrights.

It is unfortunate that a self-proclaimed producer with 30 years of experience isn’t able to discern between copyrights and neighboring rights. Neighboring rights refer to the right of an individual who has made a certain contribution to enhance the value of a copyrighted work and is usually given to the producer. In other words, it is the right of the record producer to pay and hold the $9,000 that ATTAKT claims.

Copyrights are given to the person who created the production. For music, it is given to writers, producers, and music arrangers. In regards to this, The Givers, after deliberating with the writers, lawfully purchased the copyrights (to “Cupid”).

— The Givers

The company ended its statement by emphasizing this was the “Final warning” to ATTRAKT to stop spreading alleged misinformation about The Givers.

We ask that you stop the continued attacks using misinformation. This statement is The Givers’ final warning. After this, we will release a statement after proving the truth in accordance with the legal process.

— The Givers

Netizens responded by openly mocking the company’s tone in the statement.

  • “I feel like their next statement will be titled, ‘This Is Seriously The Last Warning.'”
  • “I’ve never met a person who was this sarcastic and wasn’t a jerk.”
  • “Oh, I’m over this.”
  • “FiNaL WaRnInG~.”
  • “I’m so scared, ㅠ.”
  • “Why give a final warning? If there is a problem, then they would show evidence supporting their innocence. Why stop at a warning?”
  • “I hope their family’s future three generations are ruined.”
  • “Sigh.”
  • “Warning? Who’s the one who hit first? What warning? LOL.”
  • “If you have something to prove, then explain yourself rather than issue a warning…”
  • “I feel like I’m watching the IRL version of…

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Source: theqoo