FIFTY FIFTY’s CEOs Sold Their Belongings To Pay For The Group’s Album Release

“One of the managers offered to sell his car without a second-worth of hesitation.”

FIFTY FIFTY, the sensational K-Pop girl group that has taken the world by storm, continues to captivate fans with their chart-topping hits and electrifying performances. However, behind their rise to stardom lies a story of incredible dedication and sacrifice. In a stunning revelation, FIFTY FIFTY’s CEOs, Jun Heung Joon and Choi Seung Ho, recently disclosed that they sold their personal belongings, including a cherished watch and a prized car, to ensure the release of the group’s highly anticipated album.

The relatively young girl group’s success story is one unlike many others’. Within a remarkably short span of time, FIFTY FIFTY accomplished a feat that even the most established artists aspire to achieve: they became the fastest K-pop group to enter the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. The English language version of “Cupid,” known as the “Twin Version,” experienced a meteoric rise on the popular social media platform TikTok, captivating audiences worldwide and cementing the group’s status as a global sensation.

Just last week, the incredible trajectory of their success reached new heights as “Cupid” surged to an impressive No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, positioning FIFTY FIFTY as the second K-pop girl group to crack the coveted top 20, following in the footsteps of the renowned BLACKPINK.

Turns out this overwhelming success came not only from hard work and dedication but multiple sacrifices as well.

In a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Jun Heung Joon disclosed the financial challenges the team faced in releasing a physical album. He explained that the Korean Music Copyright Association requires an upfront commission fee to successfully release physical albums, which the group was lacking at the time. Jun decided to part ways with his cherished Rolex watch, a symbol of his personal journey, by selling it to a second-hand designer store, to make sure they had sufficient funds.

Without hesitating, I sold the Rolex I had for 10 years to a second-hand designer store.

— Jun Heung Joon

Not to be outdone, Choi Seung Ho, the Head of Management, also showed his unwavering dedication by offering to sell his car to contribute to the album’s funding. With no second thoughts, he made the sacrifice to ensure the release of the physical album. This selfless act not only demonstrates the strong bond and camaraderie within the FIFTY FIFTY team but also emphasizes their shared commitment to the group’s success.

Thankfully one of the managers offered to sell his car without a second-worth of hesitation. Thanks to that, although it was later than originally planned, we were able to release the physical album. I recently told the manager who sold his car to pick out any car that he wants.

— Jun Heung Joon


Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Jun and Choi, FIFTY FIFTY’s physical album was eventually released, albeit with a slight delay. The album’s arrival was met with an outpouring of support and gratitude from fans worldwide, who recognized and appreciated the CEOs’ sacrifice. The physical album represents a tangible symbol of their hard work, determination, and unwavering dedication to their craft as well as the FIFTY FIFTY members.

Source: Sports Seoul


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