The Secret Behind The Viral Success Of FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid,” According To Their Chief Producer

Here’s what he said.

FIFTY FIFTY is the latest Korean phenomenon taking over the world. Their song “Cupid” catapulted them into stardom.


They became the fastest K-Pop group to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a goal that top artists all aspire for.

Korea Times sat down with their chief producer, Siahn, to talk about the planning behind this debut in greater detail. According to him, the success of FIFTY FIFTY was a result of their pre-assessment of the market.

The company realized that the K-Pop industry was churning out similar sounding songs which focused largely on performance and visual aspects. They decided to fill the gap for a more music-oriented comeback.

We knew that tackling the ‘fatigue points’ of the music industry would be key to our success, so we centered our strategy around addressing these issues head-on.

— Siahn

Siahn | Korea Times

They viewed these “fatigue points” as performances and song structures of the same format that are produced in mass quantities. The chief producer noted that fans were getting tired of seeing the same kind of performances. They made it a priority for FIFTY FIFTY to “create music that people could genuinely enjoy.”

In response, we focused on the most basic fundamentals of music so that listeners could appreciate the song for what it is. In today’s K-pop scene, companies tend to focus more on aesthetics, performance and visuals than on the music itself. Music often takes a backseat to these other factors. But we made it a priority to create music that people could genuinely enjoy by focusing on the essential elements.

— Siahn

| @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

As such, the four-member group prepared with a unique mindset prior to the release of the track.

I have emphasized to our members―Keena, Aran, Sio and Saena―the importance of conveying a vivid picture or even an entire story within the constraints of a three-minute song.

— Siahn

Siahn emphasized the importance of perfecting one’s fundamentals before anything else. To the company ATTRAKT, this meant the quality of the song had to be high.

To achieve this, we prioritize the essence of music over visuals or appearance. We are continually refining this skill and I am incredibly proud of our members’ dedication.

— Siahn


Check out the “Cupid” music video below if you have yet to see it!

Source: Korea Times


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