FIFTY FIFTY Gets Real If They Actually Feel Their Popularity After The Viral Success Of “Cupid”

I gave a second chance to Cupid 💘

A new rookie group is taking the world by storm! FIFTY FIFTY from the company Attrakt is made up of members Saena, Aran, Keena, and Sio. They reeled in new fans with their comeback single “Cupid.”

It went viral on TikTok in late March and catapulted the quartet into the spotlight. It racked up over 120 million views on the platform and made them the fastest K-Pop group to enter the US Hot 100 chart.

In separate interviews with Popcrush and Variety, they were asked if they are aware of their immense popularity. They answered humbly, stating that they still feel surprised when they are recognized.

I still don’t believe it. Everything feels so surreal. We were hearing people say, ‘Oh! You know we’ve heard your song on the street?’ and ‘We’ve seen your videos everywhere.‘ But doesn’t hit us this hard as they say it really does. So, we’re very happy and it definitely feels surreal.

— Saena

The members realized “Cupid” went viral when they began seeing it appear on both local and international charts. The millions of people who knew their song were concretized with these achievements.

Actually, it was [when we placed on] the Billboard chart and Melon charts in Korea.

— Sio

Other instances when they realized they were gaining in popularity included having the opportunity to do a press conference as well as being recognized in a foreign country.

Sio: I think the most memorable event for me so far was the press conference. It was the turning point for us because we talked about ourselves and our music in front of so many reporters, and I think that’s the moment where we could really recollect and realize, “Wow, we are in this as a group!”

Keena: I also remember this video in a restaurant in a foreign country outside of Korea and there were about 20 to 30 people sitting and eating at the restaurant, and when “Cupid” came on they started singing and started dancing together. I think that was the moment I realized, “Wow. People really love our song, and enjoy our music.”

Until now, they still cannot believe the amount of support they are receiving.

We were blown away and so grateful when we heard that so many of you had listened to our song! To be honest, it was overwhelming and hard to believe that all this was happening. That’s why we owe it all to our fans, and we’re committed to creating even better music to give back the love we’ve received.

— Keena

If you have yet to see it, check out their music video for “Cupid” below!

Source: Popcrush and Variety