FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Goes Viral For How She Spent Her First Payout

Netizens couldn’t help but praise the idol!

FIFTY FIFTY‘s Keena is receiving praise for donating to charity.


On December 4, it was reported that Keena had donated to the Red Cross. The charity revealed that the idol had donated ₩10.0 million KRW (about $7,730 USD) to vulnerable young adults.

The report states that the donation was made using the first settlement money that Keena received. It was previously reported that the FIFTY FIFTY member received a hefty payday, recently clearing the group’s debts to ATTRAKT.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena To Receive Massive First Payout — Netizens React

Keena reportedly asked for the money to be used to help fund programs to support the dreams of vulnerable young adults.

I would like to thank everyone who gave me this opportunity to donate to a meaningful cause. I hope that young people do not give up their dreams, even in the face of a cruel world.

— Keena

Netizens praised Keena for her thoughtful gesture and wished her even more success.

  • “I am so proud of Keena. I hope she becomes even more successful.”
  • “Keena is so amazing. I am really rooting for her.”
  • “How are lips really shaped like a 3? She’s so cute.”
  • “That is a lot of money for a rookie who received her first pay. Her heart is so pretty.”
  • “Wow, she’s a rookie, and she donated that much from her first settlement? Her heart is so pretty. Keena, let’s become even more successful.”
  • “She is making all the right moves (in a good way).”
  • “Good job.”
  • “She’s really smart and has a good head on her shoulders.”

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Source: herald pop and theqoo