FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena To Receive Massive First Payout — Netizens React

Will the other members be paid?

FIFTY FIFTY will receive their first payment this month.

Keena | Pinterest

According to an industry insider, FIFTY FIFTY will have paid back their debts to the label by the end of the month. Keena, who is the only remaining member, will reportedly receive tens of thousands of dollars.

The group’s first positive revenue is largely due to revenue from their music. It is notable that the group, which had passed on lucrative brand partnerships due to their legal battle with ATTRAKT, was able to pay back their debts in only a year.

FIFTY FIFTY | Korea JoongAng Daily

This was possible thanks to the success of their song “Cupid” and its strong streaming numbers on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. It is reported that the group is only now receiving the payment because it usually takes 4-9 months for foreign platforms to distribute payment.

The article writes that it will be worth watching to see if Keena’s three former members will be able to receive their payment. This is because the members have left the group and are continuing their legal battle with ATTRAKT.


Netizens reacted to the news, with many congratulating Keena. Many were astounded by how quickly the group became profitable.

  • “Wow, I don’t think a group from a smaller label has ever been paid after only a year after debuting… Anyways, Keena Hwaiting!”
  • “Wow, they got paid really fast.”
  • “Wow, seriously Daebak! LOL, Keena Hwaiting!”
  • “Congratulations.”
  • “Seriously, life is all about timing! LOL.”
  • “Wow, they must have really been successful, LOL. Seriously, why did the other members do that? It is really hard to get paid this quickly.”
  • “So if I stream their music, ATTRAKT and Keena are the only ones getting paid?”
  • “The streaming revenues must be insane.”

Meanwhile, ATTRAKT has recently announced that Keena will continue to promote as FIFTY FIFTY. The label has also stated that they would be re-debuting the group with new members.

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