FIFTY FIFTY Set To Re-Debut This Summer, Holds Preliminary Auditions For New Members

We should be getting new FIFTY FIFTY songs by June!

It sounds like Keena might not be the only remaining member of FIFTY FIFTY for much longer!


Since the three former members of the group — SaenaAran, and Sio — left ATTRAKT following the legal battle between them and their former label, there hasn’t been much news about the future of the previously four-member act. There were plenty of speculations and rumors that they would be seeking out new members to join FIFTY FIFTY alongside Keena, but nothing seemed to bet set in stone until recently.


Recently, though, ATTRACKT held preliminary auditions for new members for the K-Pop group in Kallang Palace in Singapore, with over 120 people applying for the audition. The audition reportedly included the participants showing their skills in dancing, singing, and rapping in one-minute performances.

Auditions are also being held in Korea and Japan as well, and successful candidates that pass the preliminary auditions in Singapore will be announced on February 9, after which they will participate in a final audition in Thailand in March.

According to an ATTRAKT representative, they plan to finalize the new generation of FIFTY FIFTY by April and release new songs by June.

Keep an eye out for further updates on FIFTY FIFTY!

Source: Dispatch