This Figure Skater Wore A Hanbok During A Performance And Everything About It Is Breathtaking

All we can say is, wow.

Former figure skater and current YouTuber, Baek Se Bin is making waves for her most recent YouTube video. Dressed in a gorgeous hanbok, the figure skater shows off her elegant moves while skating around, surrounded by beautiful nature.

| @007s_b/Instagram

Baek Se Bin can be seen skating to the Korean anthem, “Arirang” making the figure skating routine even more heartfelt.

Still from Baek Se Bin’s video | YouTube

The combination of the gorgeous pale blue and white hanbok, with the heart-wrenching anthem makes this entire video that much more beautiful.

Still from Baek Se Bin’s video | YouTube

Netizens couldn’t help, but be in awe of her stupendous routine and shared their thoughts on the video.

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  • “When I was younger, my dream was also to be a figure skater. After watching this, I think I may want to try it as a hobby. You’re so pretty skating around. I heard it was -10 C. You skated in such cold weather wearing a hanbok. Your efforts are amazing”
  • “I’m sure it was dangerous and it was cold too. Your efforts are incredible. I was pleased to watch your video. Your efforts were not in vain seeing how the video turned out well”
  • “This was so beautiful, but there were many scenes that showed just your ankles, which is unfortunate. I wanted to see your entire movement so it was a little frustrating. However, the entire video is too breathtaking that I watched it five times. It looks so cold, you worked very hard”
  • “Each cut of the video looks so pretty, it looks like a fairytale. Your efforts are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful video with us”
  • “The hanbok, the Korean music, the choreography that resembles Korean martial arts, the nature…on top of that, nature’s ice…the ice quality was probably terrible, but you still skated so well. You are amazing~”

Baek Se Bin once competed as a figure skater before she was forced to go on an indefinite hiatus due to an ankle injury. While she never officially retired, she tore 4 ligaments after a bad landing during one of her routines. She was forced to go on an extended break to focus on recovery, which eventually led to her unofficial retirement. The former figure skater admits that she still practices and has learned more skills than she did back when she was an active skater. She shared, however, that she has fears about returning to the industry, which is why she hasn’t done so. Baek Se Bin hasn’t fully given up on figure skating, as she still remains active as a coach to this day.

Baek Se Bin | @007s_b/Instagram

She may not be skating competitively anymore, but we are so grateful that she is making content with her remarkable talent. You can watch the entire figure skating routine by Baek Se Bin down below.

Source: WikiTree and Naver