Filipina Actress Kris Bernal Professes Her Love For BTS And Reveals Her Bias

It’s hard to pick just one bias!

BTS has one of the most diverse fanbases, and it’s filled with successful artists and celebrities from all over the world. The Philippines especially is home to many ARMYs that also happen to be some of the country’s biggest stars: Sue RamirezDjanin Cruz, and Belle Mariano.

BTS on “Permission to Dance” MV set. | @bangtan.official/Facebook

The latest Filipina actress to showcase her ARMY status publicly is Kris Bernal! You might recognize her for winning the fourth season of GMA Network‘s reality talent TV show StarStruck or starring in the Philippine drama series Impostora; Asawa Ko, Karibal K; and Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko.

Kris Bernal | GMA Network

She recently announced a giveaway for BTS Funko Pop! figurines on her social media accounts. She asked nearly 4 million of her followers (Facebook and Instagram combined) who their favorite BTS member is and revealed her own.

| Kris Bernal/Facebook

Like a lot of us, she has a hard time choosing just one! She confessed that Jungkook is her ult bias, but V is her bias wrecker.

 Actually my ultimate bias is Jungkook, but I don’t like to say that he’s the only one I like. All of them are just amazing! 🥺 I mean, yes V is my bias too.

— Kris Bernal

| Kris Bernal/Facebook

While she has been able to pick a bias, she admitted that she loves all of them. With each member’s unique personalities and talents, it’s impossible not to love them all. She’s OT7!

I realized, how different and precious all of them are. They like to do different things, they all have different talents and habits.

— Kris Bernal

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

She admitted that she might not be the biggest K-Pop fan, but BTS has helped her explore different music genres. As a result, her music taste has evolved due to them.

 Not a super fan! But, yes, my music taste changed a little bit because of them.

— Kris Bernal

| Kris Bernal/Facebook

You just can’t help falling in love with BTS!

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Check out Kris Bernal’s post below:

Who is your favorite BTS member? 💜Actually my ultimate bias is Jungkook, but I don't like to say that he's the only…

Posted by Kris Bernal on Saturday, 7 August 2021

Source: @Daily_JKUpdate and Kris Bernal