Filipina Actress Djanin Cruz Proves She Is A True BTS Fan, And Reveals Who Her Bias Is

She even has the perfect photocard holder!

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without another celebrity sharing their undying love for BTS! From the likes of Lizzoathlete Shin YubinBritish artist Olly Alexander, and more, they are proudly showcasing their ARMY status with fans!

Members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

The latest star to share her love of the group is Filipina actress Djanin Cruz, who went on social media to share her love of the group!

Actress Djanin Cruz | @djajincruz/ Twitter

Djanin is the daughter of the famous Filipino veteran actor Tirso Cruz and has starred in several different television series during her career! She recently caught the attention of ARMYs after she posted a TikTok video, sharing her love for BTS and revealing her bias!

In the video, the actress shared that her favorite member of BTS was none other than the “Golden MaknaeJungkook!

| @djajincruz/ TikTok

If that wasn’t enough, she proved just how big a K-Pop stan she is by sharing her photocard collection in what looked like a very organized and aesthetically pleasing way!

| @djajincruz/ TikTok

She is also a very proud ARMY on Twitter, constantly sharing her love for the group. In particular, after BTS shared a message of support to their fans in the Philippines after winning a MYX Award, Djanin shared her support!

As well as sharing her own version of the “Permission to Dance” challenge, she even managed to persuade her parents to take part!

With so much love for the group, she is definitely a certified ARMY, and it’s great to see her being so open and public with her love of the group!

Source: TikTok