British Artist Olly Alexander Reveals That He Stans BTS And Tries To Pick His Bias

The list of celeb ARMYs is getting longer!

It seems as if a day doesn’t go by without another Western artist confessing their love for BTS. From Chris Martin, Lizzo, and many more, these songwriters have fallen in love with the group’s music, charms, and personalities.

Another artist who has recently voiced his love for the group is the British artist, and lead singer of Years & YearsOlly Alexander.

| @ollyyears/Instagram

In an interview with UK radio Kiss FM, he looked at some fan tweets, and one user said they were not prepared for Olly having a comeback at the same time as BTS.

In reply, Olly seemed to have a similar set of emotions as the Twitter user and explained, “Me either. I’m so excited that me and BTS are coming back at the same time.

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Olly was then asked whether he was a fan of BTS. Without even a second thought, he cemented himself as an ARMY.

Of course! How can you not be? Their music videos, their dancing, their style, and all of their individual styles are amazing.

— Olly Alexander

| KISS FM UK/YouTube 

Yet, Olly found it harder to pick his bias, but his heart seemed to fall for Jimin, even though he pointed out that they are all “so cute.”

| KISS FM UK/YouTube 

As expected, it is almost impossible to pick one person in BTS to fall in love with. Luckily, there is nothing to say that you can’t stan them all, and Olly has cemented his status as an ARMY!

Source: KISS FM UK, FI and FI