Meet Chanty, The Filipina-Argentinian Actress Set To Debut In Upcoming Girl Group Lapillus

Chanty already has a huge fanbase, and she hasn’t even debuted yet!

Being a K-Pop fan means that there is never a time to rest. There seems to be a neverending stream of content, from comebacks to performances. On top of that, there are always new groups debuting, and recently, MLD Entertainment announced their newest girl group, called Lapillus.

The agency has just finished introducing all six members, and one who has caught the attention of fans is Filipina-Argentinian Chanty.

Newest member of Lapillus Chanty | @offclLapillus/Twitter

Although most of the members are fairly unknown, Chanty was already well known as an actress and model. Chanty was born in December 2002 in the Philippines, and her real name is Chantal Videla.

| MLD Entertainment

Her mom is a Filipino, while her dad is an Argentinian. Although she was born in Manilla, Chanty spent her childhood in Mendoza, Argentina, before moving back to the Philippines, where she started her modeling and acting career.

It isn’t surprising that Chanty was made for the entertainment industry with her dazzling visuals. Her talent was spotted by one of the biggest agencies based in the Philippines, called Star Magic.

Chanty was introduced as a Star Magic talent in March 2018 and acted in several dramas until 2020, including Spirits Reawaken.

Chantal in “Spirits Reawaken” | @spiritsreawaken/Twitter

In 2021, it was revealed that Chanty had left the Philipines and had signed with MLD Entertainment as their newest trainee. From the minute it was announced, Chanty not only gained love from fans but showcased her talent.

One of the first videos that caught the attention of fans was a rendition of “Part Of Your World” from the Disney film The Little Mermaid. Alongside her visuals, Chanty’s voice was angelic and had a beautiful tone to it.

| MLD Entertainment/YouTube 

If her singing, acting, and looks weren’t impressive enough, Chanty has been showcasing her personality through a YouTube channel with Nonaka Shana, one of the group’s members from Japan. 

In one of their videos, Chanty shocked netizens when she revealed that she could speak not one, not two, but four languages: Tagalog, Spanish, English, and Korean.

| 나돌_NADOL/YouTube 

She also revealed that when it came to her MBTI, she sometimes changed results but her most recent was ENFP.

| 나돌_NADOL/YouTube 

On her Instagram, Chanty showcased her youthful visuals and impressive fashion taste that combines the recent trends but adds her own twist to them. Whether she is out and about on the streets or doing photoshoots, Chanty was always on point!

| @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram

| @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram

| @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram

Even before it was announced that Chanty would be debuting as a trainee, she appeared in the music video for Dear You, which was the debut single of Korean duo JT&MARCUS, a group also under MLD Entertainment.  

| 1theK/YouTube 

If that isn’t enough, she’s definitely a certified K-Pop fan, sharing her love for groups like BTS, TWICE, and many more.

| Star Magic/YouTube

When it was confirmed that Chanty would be debuting, the comments and RTs were full of supporting fans sharing their excitement and pride in seeing her debut. The tweet introducing Chanty has already been liked nearly 60,000 times and RT over 9,000 times.

With members from across the world, Lapillus is set to be a group that intends to appeal to a global audience with members from worldwide. Chanty’s popularity has already meant that the group has gained interest and it will only continue in the leadup to their debut.

You can read the full announcement of the group’s debut below.

MLD Entertainment’s New Girl Group Lapillus Confirms Debut Date

Source: @offclLapillus

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