Filipino Fans Made Jessi Think Local Swear Word Means “I Love You”—Here’s How She Reacted When She Found Out

Her pronunciation was flawless!

With her charisma, humor, and stage presence, Jessi made the 2022 Head In The Clouds Festival—organized by 88risinga night to remember for Filipino fans.

But aside from unforgettable performances of her addictive songs, something else became a highlight of her appearance, and it was none other than when fans made her believe she was saying “I love you” in Filipino!

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

With the help of the crowd, she confidently shouted a Filipino swear word (which she said with flawless pronunciation) only to learn that it did not, in fact, mean “I love you.”

After the festival, she took to Instagram to thank the organizers and express her love for the crowd. She then scolded them for teaching her “bad words” when she thought it meant something else.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind because she ended the caption with, “Til we meet again…

Thank you for having me @88rising. LOVE YOU MANILA!! But ya’ll need to stop setting me up and teaching me bad words and telling me it means ‘I love you.’ Til we meet again…

— Jessi

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time the “NUNU NANA” singer visited the Philippines. She graced the country with her presence when she performed in Manila for a solo concert on September 30, 2022. Hopefully, she’ll come back soon!

Source: Instagram


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