All-Filipino K-Pop Idol Group HORI7ON Makes Their Korea Debut — Here’s How They Feel About It

They are the lucky seven!

HORI7ON, the new K-Pop group consisting entirely of Filipino members, has officially entered the Korean music industry. The members shared how they felt about achieving their dreams of becoming K-Pop stars.

Members of HORI7ON | @hori7onofficial/Instagram

On July 24, HORI7ON held a showcase to celebrate the release of their debut full-length album titled Friend-SHIP. During the event, the group performed their title track, “SIX7EEN,” and shared their thoughts on their debut.

HORI7ON at their debut showcase | iMBC

During the showcase, the members talked about their experiences becoming K-Pop stars and living in Korea. Kyler, when asked about his experiences touring in Korea, replied that he visited some historical places and did some sightseeing.

Although we were busy preparing, we had the chance to do some sightseeing. We visited Hongdae and COEX and explored historical places like Unhyeongung Palace. Korea is a fascinating place.

— Kyler

Kyler | @7602_kyler/Instagram

Kim shared his expectations for activities in Korea as a K-Pop idol group.

There’s a lot to look forward to while promoting in Korea. I’m excited to see other idols in person and to watch our senior groups’ performances. I believe I can learn a lot from them.

— Kim

Kim | @kimhuatng1702/Instagram

HORI7ON’s leader Vinci shared how his dream of becoming a K-Pop star started, as well as who his role models were.

I started dreaming about becoming a K-Pop star when I saw dance performances, which I thought were incredible. I consider NCT’s Mark and ENHYPEN as my role models… K-Pop has so many diverse charms, which made me fall in love with it even more.

— Vinci

Vinci | @ialwaysvinci/Instagram

Marcus talked about how lucky he felt to be chosen to be in the group and highlighted the uniqueness of HORI7ON compared to other K-Pop groups.

As we were formed from a survival show, we believe that we are the lucky seven members who were chosen by the people… We’ve had the dream of becoming K-Pop stars since we were young, so our passion and energy to achieve our dreams are different.

— Marcus

Marcus | @marcuscabais_/Instagram

Lastly, Vinci shared their direction for future activities as HORI7ON.

We are proud to be the first Filipino-membered group. Our goal is to set a standard as HORI7ON and deliver dreams and hopes to many people.

— Vinci

| iMBC

HORI7ON was formed through a Filipino-South Korean boy group survival reality show called Dream Maker. The group consists of seven members: Kyler, Reyster, Jeromy, Marcus, Vinci, Kim, and Winston.

Check out HORI7ON’s “SIX7EEN” music video.



Source: News1