Passerby Uploads Photos From The Filming Site Of Upcoming K-Drama “Yumi’s Cells”

Are you excited about the premiere?

With the upcoming webtoon-turned-drama, Yumi’s Cells on the way, many are anticipating the premiere. The stellar cast was recently rounded out with GOT7‘s Jinyoung playing Yoo Babi, the second boyfriend of the female lead, Yumi.

Yumi will be played by Kim Go Eun of Goblin fame, while SHINee‘s Minho will play Woo Gi (Wook in the English webtoon). The male lead, Woong, will be played by Itaewon ClassAhn Bo Hyun.

A passerby uploaded a photo of the filming site onto the online community, Nate pann. The OP commented that Ahn Bo Hyun fits the role of Woong to a T.

| Pann

The photos released show Ahn Bo Hyun wearing the exact same T-shirt from the webtoon, along with Woong’s trademark long sideburns and goatee.

| SBS News

Kim Go Eun reportedly cut her hair for the role.

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On the other hand, some netizens have expressed doubts about the casting for Yumi, citing a difference in overall image from the original webtoon.

| Nate pann

Yumi’s Cells is about a single working woman in her 30s. Inside her, there are various cells to represent and deal with her various emotions. As she is not adept at expressing her own thoughts and feelings, these cells come to life and help her through her interactions with people. The cells, although they control Yumi, are willing to do anything to achieve her happiness. Lee Yoo Bi plays Ruby, Yumi’s rival for Woogi’s affection. Yumi is insecure in her feelings towards Woogi due to her age. Woogi sets her up with his friend Woong, as played by Ahn Bo Hyun. They get into a relationship.

Source: pann