Filming For Yoo Yeon Seok’s Korean-French Movie Postponed Due To Female Lead Olga Kurylenko Contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19)

She personally confirmed her diagnosis.

Filming for Yoo Yeon Seok‘s upcoming Korean-French joint movie Matin Calme (Calm Morning) is expected to be postponed indefinitely as the female lead, French actress Olga Kurylenko, has confirmed she has contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Earlier today on her official Instagram, Olga Kurylenko confirmed she tested positive for Coronavirus, and is currently self-isolating.

Locked up at home after having tested positive for Coronavirus. I’ve actually been ill for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms. Take care of yourself and do take this seriously!

— Olga Kurylenko

Matin Calme is a movie that tells the story of a medical examiner and a Korean detective who work together to investigate the cause and source of a mysterious corpse they discover, and end up uncovering even more disturbing things. Yoo Yeon Seok would play the role of the Korean detective. The role was originally meant to be played by Kang Dong Won, however due to delays in pre-production, he ultimately stepped down from the role.

Olga Kurylenko previously starred in numerous hit movies such as Hitman, Quantum of Solace, The Water Diviner, Johnny English Strikes Again, and The Room. The production team was scheduled to arrive in Korea at the end of Korea to begin production, with Yoo Yeon Seok scheduled to start filming in April. However, due to the circumstances, it is likely the production will be postponed indefinitely. The production team for Matin Calme is also trying to gather more information at this time.

Source: Star News