The Final Members Of The First Ever Pan-Asian Idol Groups Have Been Revealed

The final two members are from Japan.

Two groups, Z-Boys and Z-Girls are debuting with the intention of combining members from different Asian countries in order to become the first ever Pan-Asian idol group. Their label created a buzz when they announced the first ever Indian idols would be debuting with their respective groups.

The two final members of the two groups, Mahiro from Z-Girls and Gai from Z-Boys were recently confirmed. Mahiro and Gai both hail from Japan.

With these two announcements, we have the full 7 members for each group confirmed. The other six members of Z-Girls, besides Mahiro, are as follows:

Bell (Thailand)

Priyanka (India)

Joanne (Korea)

Queen (Vietnam)

Vanya (Indonesia)

Carlyn (Philippines)

And the other 6 members of Z-Boys besides Gai are as follows:

Perry (Taiwan)

Mavin (Indonesia)

Roy (Vietnam)

Josh (Philippines)

Sid (India)

Blink (Thailand)

Both groups are set to make a debut performance at the “Z-POP DREAM LIVE IN SEOUL” at the Jamsil Indoor Auditorium on the 23rd of February. RainChunghaMonsta XApink are also set to perform at the concert.

Fancams of Z-Girls busking on the streets of Hongdae has fans incredibly hyped for the debut of the group. You can watch their street performances below: