Fin.K.L Member Shows Public Support For Fin.K.L’s Ok Joo Hyun Proving Their Friendship Is Everlasting

“Forever Love…”

First-generation K-Pop group Fin.K.L is famous for their classic hit song, “Forever Love.”

From left: Sung Yuri, Ok Joo Hyun, Lee Jin, and Lee Hyori | DSP

It seems the group may have been singing about the love they have for one another.

As Fin.K.L’s leader and main singer, Ok Joo Hyun, found herself embroiled in controversy, one of her groupmates publicly supported her.

On June 24, Ok Joo Hyun released a statement on her Instagram.

In the statement, Ok Joo Hyun apologized for the controversy and denied all allegations that she had influenced the casting of the musical theatre show Elizabeth.

Lastly, I did not influence any casting decisions for the 10th-anniversary showing of Elizabeth. I hope that you do not discredit all of the actors’ hard work as they all had auditioned for the roles. I ask the production team to reveal the truth regarding the casting of the actors.

I would like to thank all those who have worried for me, and I would like to apologize for all those that were hurt by this incident.

— Ok Joo Hyun

Many netizens however, were surprised to find that fellow Fin.K.L member Sung Yuri commented on her post.

Sung Yuri | @sung_yuri_/Instagram

Sung Yuri, Lee Jin, Lee Hyori, and Ok Joo Hyun make up the legendary first-generation group Fin.K.L.

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The group was direct rivals with SM Entertainment’s own legendary girl group S.E.S.

SES Members From left to right: Bada, Eugene, Shoo | SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

The rivalry between the two groups has gone down as one of the fiercest in the history of K-Pop.

S.E.S Eugene speaking how she was always compared to Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri | MBC

I always wondered what Fin.K.L’s bread tasted like.

— Eugene (Both S.E.S and Fin.K.L had advertised for bread companies.)

The group will forever be remembered for their classic hit songs, “Forever Love,” “To My Boyfriend,” and “Ruby.”

Fin.K.L’s 2.5 album | DSP

Lee Hyori would later embark on a solo career and become an icon.

Sung Yuri would carve out a career as one of the earliest idol-turned-actress to successfully make the transition.

Lee Jin would continue to be a staple on Korean TV. The idol had a successful career as an actress, and variety show panelist. OG K-Pop fans will remember her fondly on hit shows such as X-man.

Regarded as one of the best vocalists to ever grace K-Pop, Ok Joo Hyun enjoyed success as a soloist before entering the musical theatre industry. Once there, Ok Joo Hyun quickly became one of the top actresses in the industry.

| SNL Korea

Although the group’s fallout is well documented, the group would later come together to film Jtbc‘s 2019 Camping Club.

| Jtbc

The show revealed the fall out was between Hyori and the youngest members, Lee Jin and Sung Yuri.

Ok Joo Hyun remained friends with all members and served as mediator between Hyori and the maknaes. Ok Joo Hyun kept her hopes that the group would be able to come together.

| @sung_yuri_/Instagram

The variety show was a hit with audiences. The members of Fin.K.L spoke candidly about their past differences and started a new chapter together, this time as sisters.


Hyori would later reveal that the members keep in touch to this day, showing that the friendships reforged on the variety show were real.

Hyori and Sung Yuri on “Camping Club” | Jtbc

Although Ok Joo Hyun’s current situation is unfortunate, fans can rest assured knowing that the members of Fin.K.L are there to help pick her back up.

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