Fin.K.L’s Ok Joo Hyun Responds To Allegations That She Influenced The Casting For “Elizabeth” The Musical

“I did not influence any casting decisions…”

On June 24, Fin.K.L’s Ok Joo Hyun released a statement on her Instagram addressing the controversy over her alleged influence in casting for the musical Elizabeth.

Ok Joo Hyun | @o._.julia/Instagram

The initial allegations were made by musical theatre actor Kim Ho Young. Kim Ho Young uploaded an Instagram story hinting that the actress had used her influence to cast those closest to her for the musical Elizabeth.

Kim Ho Young | Hankyung

Ok Joo Hyun responded by suing Kim Ho Young for defamation, and the actor announced he would be countersuing.

Since then, many of the biggest names in Korea’s musical theatre industry have come out to support of Kim Ho Young.

Kim So Hyun | Maeil Ilbo

On June 23, first-generation musical actors Nam Kyung Joo, Choi Jung Won, and Kolleen Park released a statement denouncing favoritism in the industry and vowed to protect the industry they helped build.

Choi Jung Won | SBS News
Kolleen Park (middle) with cast of Chicago the musical | Kookmin Ilbo

The statement starts with Ok Joo Hyun expressing contrition over all of the drama that has taken place this week.

Hello. This is Ok Joo Hyun.

There has been a lot of controversy over casting in the Musical Theatre industry as of late, and there have even been lawsuits because of this. I feel responsible for these incidents. I sincerely apologize. (sic)

— Ok Joo Hyun

The first-generation idol then addressed the statements released by venerable first-generation musical stars Nam Kyung Joo, Choi Jung Won, and Kolleen Park.

I have read the statements made by my sunbaenims. As someone who also loves musical theatre and who has been in the industry for the past 17 years, I realize I was wrong in the way I tried to address all of the rumors and allegations surrounding myself.

— Ok Joo Hyun

Ok Joo Hyun, then apologized to the musical theatre industry and to all those who are fans of musical theatre. The singer also hinted that she would reconcile with Kim Ho Young without continuing the lawsuit.

To all of those in our industry and to all of those who love and watch musical theatre, I apologize. I will correct my mistakes and quiet the controversies surrounding the lawsuits.

Also, I will continue to focus on acting and singing so that my sincerity is felt by the audience, as my sunbaenims asked of us.

— Ok Joo Hyun

The singer then ended her statement by rejecting the allegations that were made, alleging she had influenced the casting of Elizabeth.

Lastly, I did not influence any casting decisions for the 10th-anniversary showing of Elizabeth. I hope that you do not discredit all of the actors’ hard work as they all had auditioned for the roles. I ask the production team to reveal the truth regarding the casting of the actors.

I would like to thank all those who have worried for me, and I would like to apologize for all those that were hurt by this incident.

— Ok Joo Hyun

Source: @o._.julia/Instagram and TV Chosun