Finland’s local newspaper “Metro” features Block B’s tour

Block B has been featured in Finland’s local newspaper spread Metro following a stop during their second European tour Block B Block Party in Europe at a club called Circus in Helsinki, Finland on March 1st.

Local newspaper Metro reported on the group’s concert stating, “A boy group called Block B from South Korea held a concert in Helsinki. Their music is a collaboration of pop and hip hop. The concert was so popular that the line of fans stretched 200m since the early morning on the day of the concert.”

Metro’s report on the boys was published without agency Seven Seasons’ use of marketing strategies to promote the concert. Member Kyung shared his excitement about the local news article on Instagram and was met with positive feedback, another testament to the group’s popularity worldwide.

Following the completion of their U.S showcase, the boys embarked on their second European tour, Block B Block Party in Europe. This was made possible by MyMusicTaste, as fans were able to start their own campaigns in order to bring Block B to their cities of choice. The boys have made stops in Paris on February 27th and Helsinki on March 1st and will be performing in Warsaw on March 6th and Milan on March 8th.

Photo: Block B featured in Finland's "Metro"
Photo: Block B featured in Finland’s “Metro”

Source: News Chosun