Firefighter Who Was The First To Illegally Leak Sulli’s Death Report Identified

They’re looking for the other culprit.

Shortly after Sulli‘s death was called in by her manager, the 119 (emergency) first response reports, including the specific information about the time and location of her death was leaked on social media.


Investigations traced the leak back to a firefighter who had taken a photo of the reports and sent it to his colleague. The colleague then spread it to other firefighters through a group chat and it soon spread through social media.


The firefighter who had initially taken the photo has now been identified, but the one who had posted it on social media has not been identified yet. The fire department confirmed that it was someone from within their team but could not specify who.

The Seongnam Fire Department sent a message to all of their firefighters, demanding that the one responsible identify themselves.

To the person who voluntarily turns themselves, we will try to handle the situation as best as possible. If no one turns themselves in, we will notify the police for an investigation and make sure to take the strongest legal action against them.

— Seongnam Fire Department


The Gyeonggi Fire And Disaster Headquarters held a press conference today to apologize for the leak. They revealed that they have tried everything in their power to take down the reports from social media as soon as they discovered the leak, but the report continues to spread rapidly online. “Sulli death report” remains as the most searched keyword on various search engines as well.

We sincerely apologize to [Sulli’s] family and everyone on behalf of Seongnam Soojung-gu’s 119 emergency medical responders for leaking the reports.

One of our employees shared it within our department and it was leaked onto social media. It soon spread to other online communities.

We are currently investigating into those who leaked the documents. Once we confirm the truth, we will ensure strict accordance with the law.

Firefighters are supposed to protect the people’s lives and possessions in the strictest manner more than anyone else. We are very embarrassed and disappointed by the leak.

We have put in requests on various portal sites for the documents to be taken down. We will review out current reporting system and put more emphasis on our employees’ training to prevent this from happening again.

— The Gyeonggi Fire And Disaster Headquarters

Source: SBS funE and Dispatch

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