The First Bisexual Contestant On Korean Dating Shows Receives Attention

“This is true love.”

Korea has its fair share of dating shows that go viral. EXchange, Heart Signal, and Singles’ Inferno are some of the few that gained traction recently. Wavve‘s new series, Love Alarm: Clap Clap Clap! aired its first episode in December 2022. The show gained attention for its open feature of a bisexual lady who identifies herself as a woman but does not have qualms about sexuality about gender.

She is South Korea’s first bisexual dating show contestant. Going by the nickname Gumiho, she lived up to the legendary creature of her namesake as she captured the hearts of everyone.

I don’t have qualms about people just because they have long hair and boobs.

— Gumiho

The production team then posed the key question to her — was she open to dating women? The answer?

A definite yes!

As long as the other women are not uncomfortable with it, she would gladly date them.

Netizens loved her open personality and the development in Korean entertainment.

  • “This is what true love is.”
  • “I…I guess the day when I am interested in dating shows has come. Unnie, what do you think of me?”
  • “Wow, amazing.”
  • “Wow, it’s already so fun.”
  • “Wow, amazing LOL”
  • “Gonna be so fun”

Not much else is known about the contestants yet, as they all use nicknames.

Source: theqoo