First-Generation Idol Uploads Cryptic Post Seemingly In Response To Her Alleged Feud With Former Group Members

“The rotten fruit will fall off on its own…”

First-generation idol Cho Min Ah uploaded a cryptic Instagram post seemingly in response to recent allegations surrounding her absence at her former group member’s wedding.

Cho Min Ah | DongA Ilbo

On March 8, the former Jewelry member uploaded a series of pictures on her Instagram. The photos show Cho Min Ah stretching and doing yoga.

In the pictures, Cho Min Ah looks very frail. The former Jewelry member, who is 166cm (~ 5’5), previously revealed that she only weighed 35kg (~77lbs) due to stress from her divorce and raising a baby on her own.

| @cho_minah_/Instagram
| @cho_minah_/Instagram

Cho Min Ah captions the post with words of positivity and affirmation.

Again, today, with a clear mind, pure heart, and healthy body, I will protect my family and live as a good influence on society.

— Cho Min Ah

Cho Min Ah’s hashtags on the post, however, were seemingly more cryptic and foreboding.

#NobodyCanHurtAnybody #TheRottenFruitWillFallOffOnItsOwn

— Cho Min Ah

Previously, Cho Min Ah was at the center of controversy when she was one of the lone Jewelry members that did not attend fellow Jewelry alum Seo In Young‘s wedding.

From top left: Ha Jooyeon, Kim Eunjung, Park Jung Ah, and Lee Ji Hyun | @peace89421/Instagram
Seo In Young (center) | @peace89421/Instagram

At the time, Cho Min Ah revealed that she did not go because she wasn’t invited.

Someone texted me asking if it was so difficult for me to attend my friend’s wedding. How could I go when I wasn’t invited? I didn’t know where or what time the wedding was being held.

— Cho Min Ah

Furthermore, the former idol revealed that she had been left out of past broadcasts featuring her other members, and despite contacting them, she did not hear back.

Controversy Erupts When A First-Generation Idol Isn’t Invited To A Former Group Member’s Wedding

Former Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyun‘s label would later address the controversy in a statement stating that the members and their respective labels did not have control over who appeared on the broadcasts.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: wikitree
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