First-Generation K-Pop Idol Complains About Getting Kicked Out Of His Business Class Seat On An International Airline

The flight attendants couldn’t help him.

A member of the popular 90s Korean group Koyote recently revealed his unsatisfactory experience during an international flight.

Koyote members | KYT Entertainment

Koyote member Bbaekga appeared on KBS Cool FM‘s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show on September 20 and shared that he couldn’t use his reserved seat on a recent flight. He mentioned his recent camping trip to Kyrgyzstan, sharing that he had to do a layover in Kazakhstan to get there.

Bbaekga | No Cut News

After transferring flights, he noticed that somebody was sitting in his seat. When he asked the woman sitting in his seat if she could move out of his business class seat, she did not.

When I transferred planes, someone was already sitting in my seat. I told the foreign woman sitting in my seat, ‘This is my seat. Please move,’ but she just tilted her head and didn’t move. What was worse was that my seat was a window seat in business class.

— Bbaekga

Bbaekga shared that he requested help from the flight attendants, but he still couldn’t sit in his reserved seat.

The remaining seats were aisle seats. The woman told me to sit somewhere else. When I called the flight attendants, even they told me to sit somewhere else. It was the first time something like this happened to me.

— Bbaekga

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It was his first time experiencing something like this, and he was stunned that he couldn’t sit in his seat. At that moment, his friends made fun of him, and a “special guest” sat on his head.

I couldn’t believe it. I ended up sitting in a seat in the corner. I was sitting in another seat because I was embarrassed and angry, but my friends who went with me laughed at my head. They said, ‘There’s a hornet on your head.’

— Bbaekga

When asked if he couldn’t sit in his reserved window seat in the end, Bbaekga emphatically replied that he couldn’t, and to make things worse, he had a hornet sitting on his head. He also mentioned that this experience was with an international airline.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. | Unsplash

This story brought to light what happened with Girls’ Day‘s Hyeri last month when she was downgraded from first class to economy on an international flight by Delta Airlines. The airline later addressed the issue, apologizing and explaining that they refunded her.

Source: Osen and SpoTV