First Generation K-Pop Star Ok Ju Hyun Destroys A Hater On Instagram… And It’s The Biggest Energy Ever

“You have to pay the price.”

On June 25, 2020, first generation K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L‘s Ok Ju Hyun shared a series of Instagram stories…

Ok Ju Hyun on “Phantom Singer 3” / NINE STARS’s Naver Post

… openly criticizing a “hater” who accused her of eliminating contestant Ku Bon Su off the popular TV audition program Phantom Singer 3. During an episode of the program aired June 12, 2020, Ok Ju Hyun shared constructive criticism for Ku Bon Su — who ultimately failed to make it to the next round. Following the episode, some irritated viewers blamed Ok Ju Hyun for Ku Bon Su’s elimination and insisted that the program re-thinks the round.

Ku Bon Su’s profile for “Phantom Singer 3”

In return, as captured in the screenshots of Instagram DMs she exchanged with one of the viewers leaving hate messages, Ok Ju Hyun threatened legal action.

The messages seemingly terrified the sender, who then began apologizing.

Ok Ju Hyun insisted that she will pursue legal action regardless…

Hater’s messages in blue, Ok Ju Hyun’s in black

… because she is “a shark that does not let go.”

As hostile as the exchange seems, K-Pop fans are rooting for Ok Ju Hyun and her decision to show no leniency whatsoever. Many look forward to seeing more K-Pop idols “have this level of energy” when it comes to dealing with malicious comments.

  • “I think the industry should start to strive for this energy of no leniency. This reminds me of when Ravi also talked about the haters in his DM. I can’t imagine how much negativity they receive in their inboxes from these haters.”
  • “She is so bada*s and awesome!! Legal action will be a lot of work, but I really hope stars put up with the process rather than put up with the ridiculous hate!!!!! I completely support this.”
  • “Go shark unnie! Bring it on!”
  • “Wow, this is so satisfying to read. Hwaiting Ok Ju Hyun!”
  • “Yeah! Don’t ever put up with stuff like this. I really hope all the celebrities decide not to put up with malicious comments.”
Source: MSN and THEQOO