Here Are The First Glimpses Of BLACKPINK’s Rehearsal for Coachella

These are the songs that BLACKPINK will be performing at Coachella

Fans have been anticipating BLACKPINK‘s long-awaited appearance at Coachella for months.

BLACKPINK is scheduled to be performing on Friday 12 April from 8:00PM to 9:00PM PST at the famous Sahara Tent.

They will be the first female Korean act to ever perform at Coachella.

The girls will be performing alongside big names such as Diplo and Jauv at the same venue.

With one day left to go, fans have spotted BLACKPINK rehearsing for their anticipated performance.

BLACKPINK was seen to be rehearsing their most recent title song “Kill This Love” which has shattered YouTube records.

While the stage was mostly obscured, onlookers still managed to catch a glimpse of the mesmerising stage lighting as BLACKPINK performed “Whistle”.

Needless to say, BLINKs have been incredibly excited over seeing BLACKPINK perform such an acclaimed stage.

Fans can’t wait to see what other songs will be performed.

It also looks like BLACKPINK will be performing their collaboration song with Dua Lipa, “Kiss and Make Up” and Jennie will be performing “SOLO” during their stage.

BLACKPINK’s Coachella performance will be livestreamed on Times Square at 11PM EST as well as on YouTube.

Are you excited to see Jisoo, RoséLisa and Jennie perform at Coachella?

Source: Variety