“First Idol To Do Promotion At This Level”: WayV’s Kun Gains Attention For The Most Creative And “Extreme” Comeback Promotion

No one is doing it like Kun!

WayV‘s Kun has often been praised for being an exemplary leader. And for being a man of many, many talents.

WayV’s Kun | @kun11xd/Instagram

In addition to being an amazing singer, dancer, and producer, Kun is also an excellent cook, a photographer, a magician, and, perhaps most impressively, a certified pilot (who was praised for his piloting skills before he was even certified).

| @kun11xd/Instagram

And as if that wasn’t enough, Kun is also a big fan of skydiving, which he got a certification for as well.

It should come as no surprise, then, that with so many varied skills and talents, Kun would prove to have the most creative (and extreme) idea to promote his group’s latest comeback, Phantom.

In a social media update on January 16, Kun once again gave fans a look at his skydiving hobby.

| @kun11xd/Instagram

Except, as he explained in his Weibo account, it turns out it was also his attempt to combine skydiving with his job as a member of WayV! The result was one of the most impressive album promotions ever.

Fans were left absolutely shook…

…strongly praising him for taking things to a whole other, previously unseen, level.

Of course, there were some golden comments about who the promotion was aimed at…

But not everyone was completely surprised that he had done it. Knowing Kun all too well, fans had actually already inadvertently predicted that he would do this back in December 2022.

Seeing as Kun is one of the most committed idol leaders, fans have been particularly appreciative of his efforts.

In fact, having felt disappointment over SM Entertainment‘s promotional efforts for WayV’s Phantom comeback, fans have been calling the company out for “falling behind” Kun in that regard.

Ultimately, if there’s one thing that’s been made clear, it’s that Kun is truly one of the best leaders and that no one is doing it like him!