WayV’s Kun Raises The Bar Once Again And Shows Off His Impressive Piloting Skills

Even his instructor was impressed!

WayV‘s Kun is constantly impressing fans with his seemingly endless list of skills. The idol has shown fans his piloting abilities before in a short video.

But he just recently posted a full vlog of him piloting a plane!

Kun from WayV. | WayV/YouTube

Kun and his instructor flew between ports and nearby islands, all while Kun quickly picked up how to pilot the plane and showed off his control.

Kun (right) and the instructor (left). | WayV/YouTube 

The instructor was impressed by Kun’s abilities! Kun explained that he has done flight simulations before.

| WayV/YouTube 

Back in 2019, Kun shared this video on WayV’s Twitter of him doing a flight simulation. Look at him now, piloting a real plane!

They flew the plane even higher and did a “rollercoaster” move, but Kun kept his cool and wasn’t affected at all!

| WayV/YouTube 

Eventually, Kun was flying the plane all on his own! His skills have fans asking themselves, “What can’t this man do?”

| WayV/YouTube  

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube, Instagram and Twitter