Here’s A First Look At BTS & LINE FRIENDS’ Limited Edition BT21 Collaboration With “Among Us”

It’s out of this world!

Last week, BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ collaborative brand known as BT21 revealed that they’re teaming up with yet another iconic brand for the collaboration to end all collaborations…

It’s with none other than Innersloth‘s online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us

Many were shocked about this collaboration, including even the Among Us crew!

We didn’t know what all this collab entailed just a week ago, but we do now!

We had hoped that this alliance between BT21 and Among Us meant we’d get some new skins for our little astronauts so that we could play as our BTS bias’s character. Unfortunately, this collab is not for the game. There’s not going to be any new UNIVERSTAR-themed map either.

Instead, we’re getting a bunch of new merchandise! And it’s out of this world to put it simply.

While we can’t play Among Us with BT21 virtually, we can IRL! With figurines of each character, you can totally make the dream a reality.


They’re so cute!!!

We hope that these accessories are included just like the game.

Is this banana peel a deeper reference to RJ‘s dad Jin? Hmm…

Speaking of Jin, if you’re more a plushie fan than figurines… Get ready for the next reveal.

Tell me these characters don’t look like the most cuddly things you’ve ever seen!

RIP, our wallets because…

We’re going to need each and every single one of these.

Now if you wanna be as cuddly as your plushies, you’re gonna need some cozy fits. Expose yourself with this “An Imposter” hoodie.

How cool is this varsity-style cap and sweatshirt? We’ll take both, please!

We don’t know which cap design we like better. They’re equally iconic.

Finally, the most important accessory for the winter aside from a hoodie… Mugs for your hot beverage of choice!

We can’t wait to see what else BT21 and Among Us have in store for us! Their official limited-edition collaboration releases globally on November 25 at 6 PM PDT on the LINE FRIENDS COLLECTION website.

Source: LINE FRIENDS COLLECTION and @bt21_official