The First Music Show Win Of 2023 Goes To ATEEZ

Congratulations, ATEEZ!

On January 6, the first episode of Music Bank for 2023 aired, which was also the first music show for the year.

The line-up of performers for the show consisted of ATEEZASTRO‘s Moonbin & SanhaWayVDKZH1-KEYTO1woo!ah!, and several others.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

ATEEZ performed their latest hit, “HALAZIA”, with its energetic and jaw-dropping choreography that the members make look easy!

They also performed their highly-praised B-side track, “Cyberpunk”, off of their The World EP.1: Movement album released earlier in 2022 for the first time on a music show. Between these two songs, ATEEZ once again proved just how incredible their stage presence, live vocals, and dancing abilities are!

Besides ATEEZ, Moonbin & Sanha took to the stage for the first time with their comeback songs, “Madness” and “Chup Chup”, showing that the ASTRO sub-unit thrives on their own as well as with all the members.

Other performances included WayV with “Phantom”…

TO1 with “Troublemaker”…

DKZ with “Forever”…

And woo!ah! with “Rollercoaster”.

As for the nominees for the episode, ATEEZ went up against rookie girl group NewJeans and their recent single, “Ditto”. And while NewJeans ranked higher in their digital score, ATEEZ swept the rest of the criteria (broadcast score, K-Pop fan vote, physical score, and social media score) to take home the win for this first music show of the year!

NewJeans and ATEEZ’s final scores

Congratulations to ATEEZ, and here’s to more wins for the well-deserving “HALAZIA” in the future!