The First Picture Of Seungri In The Military Has Been Revealed

Here’s his first sighting in the military.

The first picture of Seungri in the military with his uniform has been revealed by his brigade.

In a post uploaded by the Army Training Center Reporting Page on Facebook, Seungri could be seen with 7 other members of his training group. Seungri could be seen wearing a military design face mask and holding up a salute with his fellow trainees.

How Seungri is doing, training to be a platoon leader.

In the First class, 5th artillery brigade?

— Army Training Center

According to the post, Seungri is one of the platoon leaders for the brigade. The role of the platoon leader is to lead his fellow platoon members in the various training exercises that are performed. Although the specifics differ between training camps, the platoon leader of the training center is usually selected based on their leadership qualities, character, and ability to perform their duties.

Seungri enlisted in the military back on March 9, 2020. He was originally scheduled to enlist on March 25, 2019, however his enlistment was delayed due to the Burning Sun scandal. He is expected to be discharged from the military in September 2021.

Source: SPOTV