First “SIXTEEN” trainee leaves JYP Entertainment

With the completion of the JYP Entertainment trainee survival show SIXTEEN, seven trainees were left waiting for another chance to debut.

In an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, it was reported that JYP Entertainment had its first SIXTEEN trainee leave the agency – known among netizens as the best vocalist of the 16 trainees – Jiwon.

Jiwon’s fans, however, have left her encouraging words with one saying, “JYP has missed a lot of trainees who became top stars later on like IU. You’ll go through some failurs, but you’ll be an even bigger star Jiwon.”

JYPE confirmed Jiwon’s leave from their trainee program and that she is the first trainee who participated in SIXTEEN to do so. The remaining six who were not chosen to debut as part of the girl group Twice (9 members) are still under JYPE honing their skills as trainees.

Source: Sports Chosun

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