More FNC Entertainment Artists Will Be Joining Weverse

Who will be the next artist to join Weverse?

FNC Entertainment‘s artists will be joining Weverse at a company level, with their artists being integrated into the platform.

According to FNC Entertainment and Weverse’s press release made today, FNC Entertainment have decided to join Weverse as part of their company strategy to further promote their artists globally. In the future, FNC Entertainment’s artists will communicate more closely with their fans through Weverse, and showcase various content. The schedule for FNC Entertainment’s artists joining Weverse will be revealed sequentially at a later date.

FNC Entertainment artists P1HARMONY and Cherry Bullet have already joined Weverse, with P1HARMONY recording roughly 300,000 subscribers. Both P1HARMONY and Cherry Bullet also offer their merchandise and albums on the Weverse shop.

Weverse shared how they expect FNC Entertainment’s other artists, such as FTISLAND, CNBLUE, N.Flying, and SF9, joining Weverse will help grow both their platform and FNC Entertainment.

We expect FNC Entertainment’s artists to show off their wide musical spectrum through Global Number 1 Platform Weverse, establishing a solid global fandom. We also expect a positive synergy with FNC Entertainment and their next generation of global artists.

— Weverse

Source: Newsen
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