FNC Entertainment Confirms New 7-Member Boy Group Led By “Boy’s Planet” Contestants Na Kamden And Choi Jiho

Congratulations on your debut, boys.

FNC Entertainment has confirmed they will be debuting a seven-member boy group in November.

In an official press release to various media outlets, including Sports Donga, FNC Entertainment shared their seven-member boy group will be debuting in November. The boy group will include Boy’s Planet contestants Na Kamden And Choi Jiho.

Na Kamden and Choi Jiho will join our newly launching seven-member boy group. They are preparing for their debut in November of this year. Please give them your attention.

— FNC Entertainment

Na Kamden ranked 17th on Boy’s Planet and sold out his Korean fan meeting back in June, as well as holding a fan meeting in Macau in July. Choi Jiho ranked 55th on the show.

This will be FNC Entertainment’s latest boy group, three years after debut P1Harmony.

Source: Sports Donga