FNC Entertainment Updates Fans On P1Harmony’s COVID-19 Treatment And Announces Plans For Members To Return To South Korea

They will be returning to Korea ASAP.

Previously, on March 21, 2022, SubKulture Entertainment announced that the members of P1Harmony, excluding Intak, had caught COVID-19 on tour. The boys had been slated for a tour of the USA, P1ustage H: PEACE. Due to the unfortunate news, the staff and the boys were put in recovery, and four concert dates were rescheduled.

| @subkultureent/Twitter

The organizer explained that they had no control over some venue staff and mask-wearing due to state protocols. While they tried their best to keep the members, staff, and concertgoers safe, some things could not be helped.

| @subkultureent/Twitter

As such, FNC Entertainment has updated fans about the group on March 30, 2022, through an official statement on Weverse.

Hello. This is FNC Entertainment. After Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Soul, and Jongseob received positive results for COVID-19, they have followed the mandate given by the USA and have been undergoing treatment diligently. They were deemed able to continue with their daily activities as they are not contagious anymore. P1Harmony did not show any particular symptoms during their quarantine. Following the verdict of the end of their quarantine, the members are planned to make a return to South Korea, and we will act in our best measure to make sure all of the members and staff return to Korea safely.

We apologize once more for worrying fans. Moving forward, our company will follow all COVID-19 mandates by South Korea while doing our best for the health and safety of our artists and everyone else. Thank you to the fans who worried for P1Harmony and cheered them on.

— FNC Entertainment

SubKulture Entertainment, the organizer of the tour, has not yet updated fans on the status of the remaining tour dates. Hopefully, the fans of Chicago, Denver, San Jose, and Los Angeles concerts will be able to receive news soon. Stay tuned!