Former 9MUSES Member Lee Sem Publicly Calls Out A Group Member Right Before The 9MUSES Reunion Performance

She called them out.

In a recent Instagram story, former 9MUSES member Lee Sem publicly called out another group member for “manipulation,” right before their reunion performance to take place for MMTG.

At first, when the song wasn’t decided yet, I was happy to hear about [the reunion] from Kyungri (Gyeongree) and I was cheering her on. But if the song ‘Dolls’ ended up being chosen, shouldn’t you have told me?

We talked a lot about our past memories together and joked around, but that part was completely left out. When I brought it up, you said you’ve already begun practicing for the performance, but that was the first time I’ve heard anything about [the song being chosen]. I realized that you really haven’t change at all, purposely leaving out something that I definitely should have been told.

Now I’m thinking that you aren’t even worth talking to. You always say things that are convenient for you, dropping the conversation when it becomes any inconvenience to you. Even if I say anything, you would simply manipulate things from behind the scenes. So I talked to someone else, who would actually listen to what I have to say.

When we were models, you insisted that you were the older one. However, within the group, you didn’t want to take on that ‘oldest member’ role, so you wanted to say we were growing older together and told me not to call you ‘unnie’. But you wouldn’t let me call you by your name either…

I wrote down more, but for the sake of manners, I deleted them. I already knew the kind of person you were, but this really confirms it once again. I would rather not be reminded anymore though.

— Lee Sem

Moon Hyuna recently uploaded a picture of the 9MUSES members who will be participating in the reunion performance. The either members, from left to right, are Sojin, Hyemi, MinhaEuaerin, Hyuna, Kyungri (Gyeongree), and Keumjo. Sungah, who is not pictured, will also be participating.

Lee Sem’s frustration also comes from the fact that “Dolls” was released in 2013 when she was part of the group, but the lineup that is performing the song is from 2015. 9MUSES is slated to perform on the upcoming episode of MMTG, which will be released on June 11, KST.

Source: Instagram