Former After School Member Jungah Has Something To Say About Gaeun’s Unfair “Produce 48” Elimination

She has Gaeun’s back

There has been an uproar online due to the recent updates regarding the Produce series and their chart manipulations. They released the names of the idols who were forcibly eliminated and one of the idols turned out to be former After School member Gaeun. Well, another former After School member stepped up and shared a short but concise message on the situation.

Former After School member Jungah took to her personal Instagram page to share her honest thoughts on the recent news regarding Gaeun and her elimination from the Produce series. With screenshots of all the news headlines about Gaeun and the show’s manipulation admittance, Jungah wrote a short but powerful comment.

| @jjung_a_kim/Instagram

I knew it..

— Jungah

While the story is no longer available, fans can sympathize with the former girl group member. This was her way of showing her frustration about the manipulation controversy as everyone now realizes that her dongsaeng should have been a member of girl group, IZ*ONE.

Jungah’s frustration shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since her and Gaeun promoted as members of After School together for almost 4 years before their indefinite hiatus. During their time together, they grew a close bond and that became evident when Jungah showed unending support for her former group mate Gaeun as she competed on the show.

Don’t cry…I’m going to cry too…you always laugh and take care of your unnies as the maknae but you’re actually really sensitive and deep…my Gaeun you’ll do amazing

— Jungah

Meanwhile, Gaeun previously made headlines for parting ways with Pledis Entertainment and signing with High Entertainment back in 2019. Not too long after, Gaeun was cast as the lead in web drama Another Peaceful Day of Second Hand Items. We hope to hear more good news about Gaeun and her future promotions with her new label soon.

Source: Chosun and theqoo