Former After School Member Yoo Soyoung Causes Concern With Her Newest Instagram Updates

There’s no explanation behind any of it.

Former After School member and actress Yoo Soyoung has started to ignite concern from her fans following her recent Instagram uploads. The actress has previously uploaded selfies onto her Instagram page, such as this…

Actress Yoo Soyoung | @ssossolovely/Instagram

…and this.

| @ssossolovely/Instagram

However, starting on October 26, all of her dozens of uploads have been blank white squares—with no captions.

| @ssossolovely/Instagram

In addition to that, her Instagram page was deleted not too long after the white square photos were uploaded, adding onto the overall concerns for the actress.

Her Instagram followers were previously captured expressing their concerns, such as “unnie, are you okay?”, “I’m worried that something’s happened to her“, “I hope it’s just a hacking situation” and “nothing bad happened, right?” on her comment section.


Yoo Soyoung recently lost her dog a few days ago, which fans believe may have something to do with her sudden Instagram situation.

| @ssossolovely/Instagram

And while it could mean nothing, her fans couldn’t help but wonder if there is a bigger reason behind it all. Her agency has not yet spoken up on the situation so stay tuned for updates.

Source: WikiTree