Former AOA Member Choa Shows Her Love For BTS With A Cover Of “Permission To Dance”

She once covered another BTS song, too!

Former AOA member Choa regularly covers hit songs on her personal YouTube channel, and BTS‘s “Permission to Dance” is her most recent cover.

Former AOA member Choa | @queenchoa_/Instagram

Choa’s voice shines throughout the cover, especially when she belts out the chorus of “Permission to Dance.”

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube

While Choa’s cover stays very true to BTS’s original version of “Permission to Dance,” she threw in vocal ad-libs to add some of her own personal style to the song.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube

Choa’s ad-libs were mostly added to the song’s chorus, and they showed off her powerful belting and beautiful falsetto.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube

Fans loved hearing Choa’s rendition of “Permission to Dance” and commented to show their support for the singer. Choa liked many of her fans’ comments, which shows she appreciates their support for her covers.

This isn’t the first time Choa’s covered a BTS song on her personal YouTube. She also  covered “Dynamite” in October 2020.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube

We’re looking forward to hearing Choa’s rendition of more songs in the future! Check out her cover of BTS’s “Permission to Dance” below.






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