Former AOA Member Choa Makes Her YouTube Debut

Check out Choa’s first move back to the spotlight.

Former AOA member Choa followed up on her Instagram post from yesterday by uploading her first video on YouTube, signaling the next chapter in her life.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube  

She covered Maroon 5‘s “Girls Like You,” the smash hit from 2017 that’s surpassed 2.8 billion views on YouTube.

The original song rides the rhythm, but Choa’s sweet take on it mellows out the listener. With just her voice and her acoustic guitar, Choa immerses the listener in her signature honeylike voice.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube  

Her hairstyle has changed as well. Back in her AOA days, Choa was known for her bleach blonde bob cut.

Now her hair extends just below her shoulder line, coupled with a mellow shade of purple.

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube 

Filmed at a rooftop terrace, the video shows why AOA entrusted her with main vocal duties. Her voice never fails to deliver!

| 초아 CHOA/YouTube  

Choa has extensive experience with cover songs. In the past she’s covered Tashannie‘s “Caution…”

Kim Jong Seo‘s “Beautiful Restriction…”

Cho PD‘s “Dear Friend…”

Kim Hyun Jung‘s “Goodbye to Her…”

V. One‘s “I guess so…”

…and Roola‘s “3! 4!.”

Every song she touches, becomes Choa-ified. It’s really magical, and the newest cover is no exception.

Watch the full video here: