Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Talks About Her Trainee Days, Her Career And Idea Of Happiness In Recent Interview

She opened up in details about her life.

Kwon Mina, a former member of AOA, had sat down for an interview with bnt a little while back. Her interview has now been released alongside beautiful photos from their shoot.

Through the interview, Mina talked in depth about her career, the hardships she faced as a trainee, and her future.

Mina opened up about her 9 years in the industry since her debut. Looking back, she claimed in the interview that she didn’t have a huge slump. But the biggest slump that she mentioned was having to learn the bass while she was a trainee.

During my promotions, I didn’t have a big slump but I had a slump during my trainee days when I was learning to play the bass. I became a trainee because I liked to sing, dance, and act, and I didn’t know that I’d end up playing the bass.

It was so hard, and it was bigger and heavier than me. I was also embarrassed while learning it because I wasn’t good and I felt I was being a burden to other people.

I think that was my biggest slump.

— Kwon Mina

Now that she’s focused on her career as an actor, she opened up about what kind of feedback she’d like to hear about herself. She confessed she’d like to be called “pretty” but compliments about her acting will be more meaningful.

I want to continue being called pretty. I haven’t been called that as much as you’d think so I want to hear it more.

Now that I’m focusing as an actor, I want to hear that I’m doing well and that my acting has character. I also want to hear that I have my own color. I want to hear compliments about my acting more than my appearance.

I don’t expect a lot. I would be happy if they even thought, ‘She’s okay~’ or ‘Her acting’s okay~’. In order to get there, I will practicing my acting harder and become a more mature Kwon Mina.

— Kwon Mina

Mina claimed she’s only played the bright and cute characters so far but wants to try roles that are darker and more mature. She pointed out that she feels confident to express the characters well because of her own experiences.

Over time, I’ve only had bright, dorky, and cute roles. I want to try a more mature character who has a deep sadness.

I think experience is the more important part of acting. I’ve experience a variety so I think I will be good at it.

— Kwon Mina

Mina was also asked on her idea of happiness. She believes a happy life consists of doing what you want to do in practice instead of just thinking about it.

I believe it’s practice. Back then, I used to be a homebody so I never went out and stayed home. Even if I wanted to draw, the farthest I got was thinking, ‘I want to try drawing.’

After actually drawing and making my own cosmetics, my life has changed a lot.

If you want to try something I think it’s good to actually practice it instead of just thinking about it.

— Kwon Mina

At the time, Mina’s days consisted of her practicing her drawing, reading, photography, cosmetics, and more. She even confessed that she hopes to own her own cosmetic brand one day!

I draw, read, take photos, and a lot of other activities. I’ve been receiving psychological treatments and writing.

I also have sensitive skin that’s delicate with cosmetics, so I’ve started to try and make my own cosmetics. I’ve become obsessed with making creams. I’m working on it with a dream to become the CEO of a makeup brand.

— Kwon Mina

Mina has been receiving a lot of supportive messages from her fans and the netizens. When asked how she feels about the immense support, Mina only had words of gratefulness for her fans.

She vowed to work harder to converse with them better.

I honestly didn’t know that I would get so many supportive messages from a lot of fans. It boosted my self confidence and I want to thank them.

I have a hard time expressing my emotions, but I sincerely feel grateful. I am going to try harder to converse with my fans better.

— Kwon Mina

After her recent bullying accusations against her former member Jimin, Mina has deleted her social media accounts and began focusing on receiving treatments at a hospital. Her full interview can be found on the latest issue of bnt magazine.

Source: Sports Chosun