Former Apartment Security Officer Exposes TVXQ Changmin’s True Nature In Real Life

Changmin taught him an important lesson about life.

The YouTube channel, Lab TV recently posted a video of a former security officer of an apartment building describing his experience of meeting TVXQ‘s Yunho and Changmin.

Before Park Tae Hyuk became the director of a gym, he worked as a security officer at an apartment complex that was resided by many celebrities. And according to Park Tae Hyuk, Changmin was one of them.

Park Tae Hyuk shared that after TVXQ broke up, Yunho and Changmin moved into the building.

And while many celebrities don’t usually greet the security officers, Changmin was different.

He would greet me when he passed through the gates. He would say hello, ask me if the weather was cold, and told me to take care of my health.

— Park Tae Hyuk

Park Tae Hyuk praised Changmin and confessed that he was never interested in celebrities until then.

I realized he was a well-mannered, modest, and cool guy.

— Park Tae Hyuk

Moreover, Changmin greeted him not just once, but every single time and that taught him a valuable lesson.

He greeted me every time, and that made me realize the importance of greeting people. I think no matter what you do, 70% to 80% of it is greeting people. I learned a lot from him.

— Park Tae Hyuk

| @changmin88/Instagram

Park Tae Hyuk concluded by raving about Changmin’s true nature one last time.

Changmin is a really cool person, and I think he’s still my favorite celebrity to this day.

— Park Tae Hyuk

Check out the full revelation below:

Source: Dispatch