Former BIG 3 Idol Manager Reveals His Creepiest Sasaeng Stories

He used to be a manager at one of “the big 3” agencies.

A former idol manager revealed creepy stories of sasaengs (over-obsessive fans) during his employment at a large entertainment company.

The man introduced himself as a 29-year-old currently working in sales, who used to be a manager of a popular 7-member male idol group at one of the “big 3” entertainment companies (SM, JYP, YG Entertainment).

He then proceeded to share a few stories he experienced with sasaengs that were the most unforgettable. He explained that during a fansign event abroad, an international male fan showed up with glasses that just did not suit him at all.

It was obvious that glasses did not suit him. He wasn’t a person who wore glasses. This was clear.

ㅡ Former manager

It turns out, the reason his glasses looked so awkward was because it had a camera on it.

We later found out that the person had a camera on his glasses. So he can film it while he’s in front of them.

ㅡ Former manager

Luckily, he said that they figured this out in time and took care of it.

Thankfully, we discovered this and dealt with it. But that wasn’t the first time, this stuff happens very frequently.

ㅡ Former manager

In another instance, he explained that the same sasaeng always sat next to one of the idol members in business class, wherever they went.

There was someone who always sat next to (one of the idols). The person was a foreigner but I didn’t know the person was a fan until later.

ㅡ Former manager

He explained that while their plane tickets were supported by their company, the sasaengs used their own money to pay for business-class seats each time to sit next to the idols.

But the creepiest part, according to the former manager, was not only the amount of money spent, but how the sasaengs found out about the idols’ schedules.

The schedule and the plane seats…it was so surprising. In fact, that person was a fan of not the whole group but one member. So the person was always next to that one member.

ㅡ Former member

He explained that he felt bad for these idols as they were always exhausted from their busy schedules and the only time they had to sleep was during transport such as on the airplane. But when fans are nearby during these times, he explained that the idols must feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully, these fans will learn to give their idols their own privacy. Watch the full video below:

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