Former BP RANIA Member Alex Reveals Her Thoughts On BLACKSWAN Using Her Voice In Their Album

BLACKSWAN’s album included old BP RANIA songs.

Alex Reid joined D.R. Music‘s girl group, BP RANIA, in 2015. She made waves for being the first black K-Pop idol in the industry.

Though she left the group in August 2017, her contact with her previous idol life did not end. D.R Music’s newest girl group, BLACKSWAN, used her voice in several songs of their debut album Goodbye RANIA.

Alex’s own duet with member Hyemi called “No Dab” was included in the full-length album, and her voice was heard in several other songs including the remix of BP RANIA’s “Start a Fire”.

In an interview with GRAZY GRACE, Alex revealed what she thought of being in such a situation. She brought up her beloved fans who jumped to her defense as soon as the album was released.

They’re confused too because they wanted to make sure I got my money for it, and [they wanted] to make sure I’m aware and no one is pulling a fast one on me or anything like that.

— Alex

Her company never contacted her before the release of Goodbye RANIA to inform her of their plans. She found out along with everyone else as soon as it dropped on October 16.

It’s weird. We can all admit that it’s a little strange. To each his own, but if that’s what they wanted to do, I guess they had their reasons. I’m not on stage, so why is it my voice? […] But yeah, I didn’t know. I had no idea.

— Alex

Though she knew that D.R Music owned all the songs she made during her time in K-Pop, it was still a strange situation nonetheless.

It’s just random, I guess that’s the word. It’s totally random. I’ve been gone for three years at this point and it’s a whole new group name, it’s a whole different group. It’s not the same girls. It’s totally different.

— Alex

Despite the company’s actions, Alex holds no ill-intent towards the members at all.

Now that there’s more diversity, I hope that people are kind and that people give them respect.

— Alex

If you want to listen to more meaningful conversations between Alex and Grace, make sure to check out the full video below!