Former Brave Girls Member, Hayun Reveals She Will Be Halting All Her Twitch Activities

She’s focusing on her dream.

Former Brave Girls member Hayun has greeted all of her fans with some sad news.

Former Brave Girls member, Hayun | Brave Entertainment

Hayun recently uploaded a message for all her Twitch fans onto Together, where she updated her followers on her activities.

Hello! It’s Dalha.

It’s been awhile since I left a message like this. On that note, I have come on here today to let you know that I have decided to halt my Twitch streaming activities!

Depending on how you look at it, our time together could be viewed as short or long, but I really enjoyed our time together…

I started this as a hobby, but it turned into a precious time where I can spend time with my fans and cherish the memories we share with one another. I didn’t know I would get to spend such precious time with you all!

However, I decided that I want to pursue a long-time dream of mine. It’s a different journey for me, but I want to work for it.

I hope that you will all support my decision, but that’s selfish of me to think in that way…?

I apologize for making you guys wait such a long time for me…and I’m even more sorry that I come bearing sad news!

However, I promise to work hard so that I can return as an even more amazing person in front of you all. I will work hard and then work even harder!

I hope you all stay healthy and happy:)

— Dalha

Hayun debuted back in 2014 in a duo called DATE (formerly known as SUTY) and eventually joined Brave Girls in 2016 when DATE separated in 2015. She debuted as a part of Brave Girls’ original line up, promoting with them for the original “Rollin” activities back in 2017. In 2018, however, Hayun departed Brave Girls due to health reasons and has since remained out of the entertainment industry.

Hayun performing “High Heels” with Brave Girls | Hankyung

Since her departure from the idol world, Hayun has made a name for herself in the social media industry. She has garnered 5 million followers on her TikTok account and has been active on Twitch as well.

Still from Hayun’s TikTok | @dal_.ha/TikTok

While no details have been provided in regards to Hayun’s newest journey, we wish her the best of luck on this new chapter in her life.

Source: WikiTree and Image
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