Former Crayon Pop Member And Jam Jam’s Mom Expresses Her Desire To Become Her Own Person Again

She let herself go after becoming a mother.

With the premiere of MBN‘s Miss Back just around the corner, former Crayon Pop member and Jam Jam‘s mom, Soyul expressed her wishes to find herself again as a singer after making sacrifices as a wife and mother.

Miss Back is a documentary series about former idols who will attempt to have another go at their dreams while revealing their true life stories.

And Soyul is one of them.

Ahead of the premiere, Soyul explained the kind of life she lived after marrying fellow celebrity, Moon Hee Joon.

She confessed,

While raising a baby and living as a wife, I let myself go.

— Soyul

So she now has one dream.

To find herself again as an individual and a singer.

I want to find my own identity as someone who’s not just someone’s mom or someone’s wife.

— Soyul

Soyul halted her activities as an idol after marrying Moon Hee Joon back in 2017.

She later appeared on KBS‘s Superman Returns with her adorable daughter, Jam Jam where she gave fans a sneak peek into her daily life.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight