Former Crayon Pop Member Soyul Dishes On How She Started Dating Former H.O.T. Member Moon Hee Jun

It was one-sided at first.

Former Crayon Pop member, Soyul recently appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star where she dished about how she started dating former H.O.T. member, Moon Hee Jun.

After debuting and succeeding as a member of Crayon Pop, Soyul surprised the public with the news of marrying Moon Hee Jun, who is 13 years older, in 2017.

She is now the mother of Jam Jam, and she’s gaining much attention on various variety shows.

“Radio Star” | MBC

But on Radio Star, Soyul revealed how she and Moon Hee Jun started dating in the first place.

“Radio Star” | MBC

According to Soyul, Moon Hee Jun, as a fan of Crayon Pop, contacted Soyul first! And because she didn’t feel like it was right to reject such a respected superior, she met up with him after the third time.

“Radio Star” | MBC

But contrary to her expectations, she fell in love with him as soon as she met him in person.

“Radio Star” | MBC

Now as husband and wife, Soyul confessed that she keeps many things a secret in their relationship.

I don’t tell him about my schedules, just like Radio Star. I just tell him the times.

— Soyul

Much more detail of their relationship is expected to be revealed in the full episode of Radio Star which airs every Wednesday.

Source: Dispatch