Former EXO member Z.Tao speaks about why he really left SM

Since he left the group, former EXO member Tao (now known as Z.Tao) has mostly kept quiet about the details regarding his departure. 

But in a reason interview, however, Z.Tao discussed the difficult decision and what finally made him decide to take action. When asked about his life in Korea he explained, “I didn’t want to lead such a tiring life anymore.”

When asked about when his feelings were hurt the most, he answered “The incident that finally made me leave the company. During a program where I played basketball, the ligaments in my ankle were torn, but I did my best through the end because of the fans that were there to support me. The company, however, insisted that I keep up with my schedule despite my grave injuries. I could sacrifice a lot for the sake of my group, but even that reached its limit after a certain point.”

Soon after the incident, Z.Tao officially made his departure from EXO, a move that was alter confirmed by his father through a long and emotional letter to fans.

Source: Xports News